We love to design, build, push our inventions to the limit until they break, then take them apart, fix them, and learn everything about them. The joy of imagining and then bringing your own instrument to life is infectious and we want to share it. We want to inspire inventors who know what to do when stuff goes wrong. We want to show them how to embrace failure, to boost resilience and to grow, independently, through trial and error.

We thought we would share this with your school: bringing Music, the Sciences and Creativity together, in a fantastic new series of experiences.

Our team

Enrico Bertelli

Dr. Enrico Bertelli

Executive Director

Preethy Ann Kochummen

Marketing Consultant

Laura Sampson


Jack White

Dr. Jack White

Senior Workshop Leader

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They say about us

The lesson was really fun and engaging. Our daughter was thrilled to show the music that she composed to everybody that she spoke that day. After the lesson ended she carried on mixing and testing new combinations.

Amazing, forward thinking teaching provided by high skilled practitioners, who provide engaging and inspirational music opportunities for pupils.

Very informative and interesting and tutor was highly knowledgeable.

My children thought it was fantastic and would like more like this. “Amazing”

This was a fantastic workshop, fun and lively and I learned lots! Thank you to Enrico!

It was a lot of fun - my son found the coding workshop inspiring and rewarding. Thank you!

Absolutely fantastic course and idea, thank you! My three children really enjoyed it. They are very inspired.

This workshop was very fun and unique, it taught me a few things I didn't know, Thank you conductive music for this opportunity!

This is first year THAMES has partnered with Conductive Music and so far it has been a big success. We’ve received positive feedback from schools and the sessions we have observed have been highly engaging, informative and creative. The combination of music, science and technology in one project is unique and an excellent way of bringing subjects to life and demonstrating how things work in the real world.

It was lovely to see our group of students engaged and responding well to the new technology. It was broken down so well that all students were able to engage and succeed in meeting the outcome of the workshop.

A great experience for the children. An exciting cross-curricular link between science and music.

This is a fabulous workshop which really engages the children.

Conductive Music brings a new dimension to our offer for children in Camden, and attracts a different group to our Service. The courses have been well-received and we have excellent feedback from parents about the experience.

Working in partnership with Conductive Music has enabled children and young people in Waltham Forest to have access to opportunities to engage with music technology in a fun and original way. The workshops and holiday courses that CM have delivered with Waltham Forest Music Education Hub have been both enjoyable and educational, and have connected with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

Fantastic to observe children being creative, spontaneous and confident in their exploration of music composition and performance.


Makey Makey Global Ambassador

Arts Award Centre

Artsmark Partner