Franziska Lantz

Franziska is a swiss artist and musician based in London.
She merges her visual and audio work in ritualistic installations and raw music performances. She mainly works with aged, weatherbeaten materials that she harvests from the shore of the river Thames and assembles into arcane, cryptic sculptures. Her climate-driven narrative is reflected in her tumultuous electronic dance music. Lantz jams live with drum machines and synthesisers that she sends through effect pedals to alienate and shape her sounds into physical, tangible experiences.
Franziska runs Global Warming Records, an experimental, electronic music label, where she has been releasing several albums of organic, industrial techno.
Since 2008 she has been producing DriftShift, a weekly radio show on London’s ResonanceFm, from where she is regularly broadcasting her unprocessed music experiments into space.
Franziska has been committed to working with children as a mother and throughout her work, where she is passionate about presenting and opening up creative possibilities for children, introducing them to new skills and awakening their musical and imaginary spirits. She has been co-leading crash art courses at Wimbledon School of Art and worked with children in various educational settings as a workshop leader and art technician in Switzerland and the UK.
She has exhibited her musical projects and visual art installations at international events like Pane Per Poveri, DE (2021), Omega Transit, La Rada, CH (2021), Musiche Visibili, CH (2021), Women In Experimental, Iklectik, UK (2020), Living is a problem, Pi Artworks, UK (2019), Manifesta 12 Palermo, IT (2018), residence at Artica Svalbard, NO (2018), paths of entry and escape, Swiss Art Awards, CH (2017), expanding arid zones, Rodeo Gallery, UK (2017), Bloody Life, Herald St, UK (2016), heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall, Supportico Lopez, DE (2014)