Tutorial: so, you’ve won a Trinket! What’s next…

So you’ve found us, welcome to Conductive Music! If you’ve come to this page, you’ve either won a ProTrinket from us, or decided to buy one from our wonderful partners Adafruit.

If you want to know more about the ProTrinket itself, please visit this page

Adafruit “Learn” section is very exciting, that’s our continuous source of inspiration. If you wanted to check other tutorial, and perhaps test your knowledge on other projects, we strongly suggest you check out Instructables

However, if you’d like to track back our steps, here we go.


Step ONE

First of all, install the Arduino Graphic User Interface (GUI), you can find it here. Launch the application and shut it down. This will create an Arduino folder, within your documents.

Step TWO

Download Arduino Libraries, unzip, and copy all the content on Documents > Arduino (both on Mac and Windows)

Arduino Folder
Arduino Folder


Download our code, designed by Adrian Godwin, released freeware! Pro Trinket Code

Upon launch, it should look like this…

Arduino GUI


When scrolling down, you will see “Keycode” appearing 17 times, this is because those communicate to the General Purpose Inputs/Outputs (GPIOs) on the ProTrinket board. Change the output letters as you’d like to have them.
A quick tip: If you are not planning to use 17 GPIOs, remember to space them out. The connectors are very close to one another and the cross-talk is very common if the wires are not tightened properly.Step FIVEAt the top right of your Arduino GUI, sits a “Verify” command, it will check that the libraries have been installed correctly and that the code doesn’t have any extra/wrong commands. If correct, it will say “Done Compiling” at the bottom of your window.Step SIXYou are now ready to upload! Connect the ProTrinket, press the button on the board (the red LED will slowly flash on and off) then the upload command. It looks like an arrow pointing right and sits just next to the “Verify” button you’ve previously used.DONE!!Your new code is up and running, happy days, enjoy your custom wearable instrument!

Trinket Butterfly
Trinket Butterfly