Musical Video Game Summer School

Video Game making for Kids and Beginners:
Learn to Code and Make Music on Microsoft Arcade


Learn now on Microsoft Arcade: learn to program, create games, code your songs, have fun on Arcade! For kids and beginners, parents and teachers!




July 27th to 31st

5 days, 5 workshops, 90′ each




11am or 3pm each day

Times are in GMT +1 (London time)




£30 for the entire week!!

Just £6 per workshop



What you’ll learn


Basics of block coding
Sprite design, controls and interactions
Variables, Ifs, Arrays, etc.
How to code for music
Interface design













In this Summer School, we’ll learn to code, from the basic blocks. Arcade, is a Microsoft programming language, which transforms programming into an artistic game.

We offer a practical approach. You will create the games with your own hands and imagination. We mix Music, Technology, Coding and Art, by using a methodology  developed over 8 years and 10,000 workshops in more than 500 schools, across 20 countries. You will learn a lot of Musical and Computer Science topics, but the complexity is hidden behind the music, the amusing sprites and the animations.

We keep updating the lessons, based on your feedback – we stimulate your imagination and provide you with the tools to get there. You will quickly master the basics and you will then find it much easier to approach any other text-based programming language.

Video games are fun, creative and also musical! We will create animations and mesmerising effects. All of our video games, platformers and arcades, will have a musical twist, for you to unleash your creativity.












This Summer School is ideal for

  • Students aged 9 to 13, with an interest in Music and Technology
  • Parents and teachers eager to share these opportunities with children/students
  • Anyone brand new to programming, who would like a soft introduction into this magic world

We are having a lot of fun whilst designing this course, we can’t wait to have you onboard!


Don’t hesitate, the places for this Musical Video Game Summer School are limited. Will you be the creator of the next Minecraft? Fortnite? Undertale?

Your journey begins here…

In your inventory, make sure to pack a laptop or a tablet (two, if possible, or an external screen) and the Chrome browser up to date.

The Summer School quest will start on July 27th and the adventure will continue until the 31st, through lots of exciting Musical Video Game creations.

If you complete the missions successfully, you will also achieve the

Conductive Music Level 1 Certification.

See you soon!

The Conductive Music Team.

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They say about our workshops…

The lesson was really fun and engaging. Our daughter was thrilled to show the music that she composed to everybody that she spoke that day. After the lesson ended she carried on mixing and testing new combinations.

Amazing, forward thinking teaching provided by high skilled practitioners, who provide engaging and inspirational music opportunities for pupils.

Very informative and interesting and tutor was highly knowledgeable.

My children thought it was fantastic and would like more like this. “Amazing”

This was a fantastic workshop, fun and lively and I learned lots! Thank you to Enrico!

It was a lot of fun - my son found the coding workshop inspiring and rewarding. Thank you!

Absolutely fantastic course and idea, thank you! My three children really enjoyed it. They are very inspired.

This workshop was very fun and unique, it taught me a few things I didn't know, Thank you conductive music for this opportunity!