Entering the competition


1_ Complete the feedback form below - then copy down the link for the submission.

2_ A three-level video game (Level 1 with collections; Level 2 with dialogue; Level 3 with battle)

3_ A three-minute Bandlab composition (Minute 1 with flute; Minute 2 coded sound effects in Microsoft Arcade (Bandlab is silent); Minute 3 sampled music on Bandlab).

4_ Link to your video game (Publish > Share > copy link).

5_ Link to your Bandlab project

6_ Game title and short description.

7_ Your real name for the certificate and a pseudonym for the online publications


DEADLINE: February 26th at 23.59

Retrieving your links

In this video


The instructions to:

  • Retrieve your Video Game link from Makecode Arcade
  • Retrieve your Bandlab project link on laptops
  • Retrieve your Bandlab project on iPads


The website



The storyblocks extension





The website



The Account

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The Final codes

Click on the button to access the final versions of our code.

Once loaded, click on Edit Code and have fun!


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Music Slides

Storytelling Lesson 1

Storytelling Lesson 2

Storytelling Lesson 3