Cherif Hashizume

Born in Kobe, Japan, Cherif Hashizume moved to UK at the age of 18. During his college years he met Café Music director Mark Sutherland and very quickly became a key part of the studio as the head engineer and producer.


As a producer/engineer, Cherif has worked on various albums including: Brian Eno and David Byrne’s “Everything That Happens Will Happen Today”; Jon Hopkins’ “Immunity”/“Insides”; King Creosote & Jon Hopkins “Diamond Mine”; PVT “Homosapian”/“Church with No Magic” and Anil Sebastian “Mesonoxian” just to name a few. Cherif has also released his own music via De-fence Records and Humble Soul Records including the original track “Empyrean Helix” featuring Tina Grace (Nitin Sawhney) and remix of Vena Portae’s “All Will Be Well”.


His knowledge and passion for music technology have also transpired into the world of modular synthesis and audio coding. His approach on fusing analog and digital domain using Cycling ’74 Max and Doepfer Eurorack modules has sparked many intriguing collaborations such as 360˚ live jam cast with Tim Exile, various patch release and tutorials for Rebel Technology OWL module and 2017 release of his original composition as a part of a compilation dedicated for music strictly made on modular synthesis.