Your school is kindly requested to provide:

  • A computer with headphones and internet access for each student, with desk space and one extra power socket per station.
  • 1-2 sq. metres of recycled cardboard (broken boxes, etc.) for instrument manufacturing.
  • One Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant always available, and possibly taking part in the workshop (including assistants for SEN).
  • Completed enrollment form (accessible at with a list of the students attending the sessions, including names, ages, class years, and their reason for eligibility for the programme (PRU, FSM, EAL, SEN, Other)
  • Direct contact with IT administrator, especially if external company (i.e. RM), a minimum of two weeks before the start of the workshop. They will need to install the following freeware on each computer:
    • Ableton Live Demo: there is an issue with installing Ableton Live, Conductive Music CIC must be notified at least one week in advance of the workshop and preparations to use alternative software such as Logic 9 or Pro X.)
    • Arduino software: (Java should be up to date)
    • Makey Makey addon:
    • Makey Makey code:
    • Adobe PDF reader: