Shine 7d Servo Motor


  1. On the Quirkbot page, create a new code with the name Servo

  2. Find the Servo and the backpack shield from your kit and connect them to your bot.

  3. In the code, add a Servo Motor object to the workspace and change the PLACE to Servo Motor 1.

  4. Add a Wave object to the workspace and connect the output (OUT) to the Servo Motor POSITION

  5. Explore what happens if you change other characteristics of the Wave.

  6. Explore other ways to connect to control the way the Servo Motor spins.

Now have a look at the following video:

Drawing the waves

  1. Explore different possibilities of making drawings using straws, pencils and tape, together with your servo motor.

  2. Remember you can turn the bot OFF and ON by switching the small handle on the bot’s chest.

Now go to:

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