CPD – Sharing Ideas with teachers


Continuous Professional Development, or CPD, is training and workshops that keep professionals up to date with the latest developments and new ideas in their field. Schoolteachers can really benefit from CPD sessions. It ensures that educators stay in touch with developing theory and update their skills. We constantly enrol in CPD sessions ourselves, to keep on the verge of new techniques.

At Conductive Music, we incorporate CPD as a core element into all of our projects. Our programmes analyse the measurable results shown in our student and teacher feedback. We gather feedback from students and teachers throughout each of the projects. This allows us to gain important insights into how students learn about technology. We are interested in what inspires young people to create music. Conductive Music want to talk to teachers about hot to best use new music technology in the classroom. Our staff use this feedback to analyse our teaching methods, musical outcomes, and new technologies. This analysis and material then becomes the basis for our CPD sessions, while giving teachers insights into ways for boosting creativity in the classroom. We also try to boost our outreach by publishing blogs, reports and academic papers and conferences.

In our sessions, teachers discuss ideas for creative lesson plans and practise activities with Open Source music technology. We have plenary sessions to discuss teachers’ previous experiences with new technology in the classroom. We look at how music & creativity can complement the National Curriculum material for all key Stages. These sessions allow teachers to talk about and practise new techniques for creative, holistic education. We think this has a key role for continuously improving the quality of education for all young people.

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This article was written by our co-Director, Dr. Emily Robertson

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