How music skills will boost your career

High-five to new skills

Many separate studies have agreed that musical skills help children to better themselves in other subject areas. Take maths, for example: children who study music often find learning basic fundamental maths skills easier.

Learning music also helps in other areas, which may well be known, but are slightly harder to document. From my first hand experience as a peripatetic instrumental teacher, and Project Manager for Conductive Music, I have noticed how it helps a child’s confidence. It also helps them understand the amount of work needed to achieve something, the power of commitment and continuity. When a child practises their music, they are proving to themselves that they are able to learn something new. They overcome obstacles that seemed unapproachable. This process provides a very useful mindset to approaching the learning of ANY new skill.

Personally, I have used many aspects of my music training in my professional life. The computer programmes I taught myself have helped me to learn other programmes and computer coding far quicker. It has also been very useful to get in the habit of providing work to a tight deadline – something which I am sure will be familiar to people in all forms of employment!

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Written by our Teacher and Project Manager for Bristol, Dr. Jack White