Session 3e

[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Session 3[/heading]

How was that, easy? Challenging? Fun? Now things are getting serious, can we programme the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game? Let’s do it together.

How is it activated? by a Shake

What happens when you shake? Well, 3 things: Rock, Paper, Scissors. The Microbit must choose between three images.

Now, we should build the three scenarios. The first is the Paper, here is where you can find the objects:

  • If/do is under ‘Logic’
  • The operation is under ‘Logic’ too
  • Item is on ‘Variables’
  • Show leds is under ‘Basic’


Now, let’s add the other instances. Click on the blue gear and add ‘Else if’ and ‘Else’. You should be able to complete it by yourself.

Hint: change item=0 to 1 and then 2. Also, think how you can draw the rock and the scissors.

Finally, please save as Rock Paper Scissors, compile, upload, play in pairs!



You can find the original tutorial here.

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