Session 3g

[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Session 3[/heading]

Well, it’s almost Christmas, isn’t it? So, why don’t we transform the Microbit into a music player? ?Here’s how – re-open the code editor


We would like to programme two songs, Jingle Bells, and Hot Cross Buns

Firstly, when do the songs start?

Then, let’s show the title

And now, it’s composition time!!! Here’s the beginning

Can you figure out the rest? Don’t forget, press ‘Run’ and test it on the browser, until it’s ready.

FINISHED? Great, now you can compile and upload.

Wait a minute…it doesn’t work?!?!? We are missing the headphones! Here is how to connect the headphones, in a very special way!


[button style=”medium” type=”rounded” color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” src=”” target=”_blank”]HANNAH PUT TEST LINK HERE THANKS![/button]