Why you should attend Create

CM classroom

Conductive Music is a company made up of very passionate people. We do dedicate ourselves to teaching and sharing, because we really believe in it. We would not commit so many in-kind hours to a very demanding project, if we did not think it to be the game changer.

We are all from very different backgrounds. Some dedicated their life to music performance, others went into compositions, others developed a strong research backgrounds. We are very proud to have involved, in this project, artists, engineers, creative writers.

As a team, we have all embarked in portfolio careers. It means that each of us is able to thrive in a variety of environments. There are those who perform and teach, who are project managers and researchers and so forth. My background, for example, is in performance and I work here at Conductive Music, as well as being the business development manager for a Knowledge Exchange company.

The team is very diverse, we can cover very many different skills, and can provide your child with a wonderful opportunity to gain precious insights on the Creative and Cultural Industries, the so called CCIs.

If your child is in year 5-6-7 and attends any of the Waltham Forest schools, this project is for you!!

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