Session 2b

[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]A Challenge for you today[/heading]

Using the same ingredients which we have learnt from before, would you be able to make your own song? Here’s the task:

Circuit Touch > Sequence > Buzzer

Try to make 5 different sequences, which are triggered by the 5 parts of the Quirkbot.



[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Let’s build a musical instrument[/heading]

So far, we have programmed an instrument to play a pre-determined list of notes. What if we transformed the quirkbot into a musical instrument, able to play 5 notes, with which we can improvise (make music on the spot).

You will need: Circuit Touch > Sequence > Buzzer

For the Circuit Touch, adjust the sensitivity to 0.6. In Items, make sure there are two instances, the first one should be a note, the second one a 0 – if you don’t put the zero, the note will go on forever!!!

We have used the Minor Pentatonic scale: C, Ds, F, G, As.

Quirkbot as an Instrument
Quirkbot as an Instrument

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