Session 2a

[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Let’s try making a song[/heading]

In order to to this, we need to use another block of code, called Sequence. But let’s learn the song first ;)!



[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]The Code[/heading]

The Circuit Touch decides which trigger will start Hot Cross Buns, and which trigger starts One-a-pen-ny Two-a-pen-ny. The sequence, gives the quirkbot the order of the notes. If you put a 0 (zero), it makes a silence. The Buzzer, eventually, produces the note. Try to make the exact same code as below.

Hot Cross Buns
Hot Cross Buns

And here’s the second part

One a penny
One a penny

Now, before you upload, make sure that your screen looks exactly like the image below

Hot Cross Buns - whole code
Hot Cross Buns – whole code

Once you have checked, click on upload. Wait for the flashing. Then you can start the song. Remember to touch the Horn twice, then the Left Arm, then the Horn again, at the end.

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