Session 1b

[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Make your own[/heading]

So far, you have used the MakeyMakey with a code that we gave you. Can you make your own version? You will need: Left, Right, Up



[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]A new challenge[/heading]

You played Mario, and you made your own code for the Maze Runner. So far, we have used the Left, Right and Up arrows. Are you ready for a new challenge?

Below, you’ll be able to play Pacman but, in order to do so, you will need to add a Down arrow and program the SPACE circle, to send a SPACEBAR.

Once you’ve prepared it, don’t forget to upload your new code to the MakeyMakey!



[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]It’s raining numbers![/heading]


[heading size=”1″ color=”#80D6F9″]Colours![/heading]

We can see that you’ve worked very hard today. Below, there is a new experiment, the image will change every time you click the green flag and your arrow keys, will change the colours.

[button style=”medium” type=”rounded” color=”#COLOR_CODE” background=”#COLOR_CODE” src=”” target=”_blank”]NEXT[/button]