New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) 2014

Conductive Music had a demo table and published a paper at NIME 2014 in Goldsmith’s, London. We met lots of cool people and had some really fascinating conversations during our demo table session! It was good to catch up with friends of the project from all over London and the globe, including people from London Music Hackspace, Queen Mary University of London Interaction Lab, McGill University in Montreal, and STEIM in Amsterdam. The coffee breaks and lunch were pretty good, too!

We saw a couple of very interesting installations in the main atrium gallery…


This one was a set of “chimes” made from violins abandoned in lockers at the end of the year in a school in China. Small rotating motors swung the violins back and forth, and when they clashed together they made sounds from the wood and from the strings.


2014-07-01 12.56.14


This one was a dinosaur skull 3-D printed from a scan of a fossil. When you blew into a small tube at the back of the skull, where the dinosaur’s nasal passage started, the skull resonated like a wind instrument. The sound was, as far as we know, the same as the real-life “call” of the dinosaur!

2014-07-02 17.48.19

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