We scratched our heads trying to find a reason why school subjects should still be kept separated. We failed, so we started designing workshops bringing them all together.

We kept seeing STEM as a top priority, with the arts being neglected. If we complied, there would be no movies, no videogames, no thinking outside the box. So we adopted


We are now providing live online sessions, using free resources. You can join our free WebEx and Zoom lessons from your classroom, by projecting onto the smartboard, or from the comfort of your home, using laptops, tablets or phones. These ‘spark’ sessions are supported by our YouTube videos, and drawn tutorials, published twice a week on our website. We also run weekly q/a sessions on Facebook Live to help you progress.



Waltham Forest

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CPD: an introduction to all our free resources, how to access and use them. Targeted for Primary and Secondary teachers, as well as Peri staff.


Music students: make your own song, free, thanks to this introduction to digital music production. Tips and tricks to make great sounds!


Year 1/2: 2 sessions dedicated to making art, music and having fun with Scratch Jr. Download it to your Phone, Tablet of Computer and follow along with us! Support resources here.


Year 3/4: 2 sessions to code, compose and perform with your very own digital musical instrument. Follow along with us, your imagination is the limit! Download Scratch to your phone/tablet or access Scratch here.


Year 5/6: 2 session to code for Music, Art and Science, all blended together through fun experiments, achievable from the comfort of your home. Check our video resources.


Year 5/6 Advanced: For those of you who already attended our workshops in the past – welcome back! Check our video resources.

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How to join

Check for dates in your area, and Sign up by clicking the button below. We will send you the links one week in advance, and a reminder the day before. You will be required to install the Zoom app (phone/tablet) or plugin (computer). It is free and safe.

Our data protection policy and Online Education policy.

Who we are

In 2012, we founded Conductive Music to bring together art, music, technology, science, pedagogy and research. We are a team of artists-researchers working in intergenerational and mixed abilities contexts to inspire marginalised young people, experiencing challenging circumstances. We foster imagination, help them gain confidence in complexity by adopting a step-by-step approach, and embrace failure as an integral part of a successful creative process.


Conductive Music has been operating in 500+ schools across England and internationally, for over 8 years. Our experienced tutors are DBS-checked and specialised in the target Year group. We use Zoom for our password-protected sessions. The tutor’s camera is the only one visible, the student microphones are muted, and the chat is only allowed towards the teacher, for questions and problems. Each session is run by 2 Conductive Music teachers, to provide support. We welcome one or more teachers from your institution to join.