Now accepting second round of CREATE applications for Arts Award project in April & May! DEADLINE 19 MARCH
Dates and Times

Week 2: Apr 3rd to 7th

Week 3: May 29th to Jun 2nd

10am to 3pm


Year 5-6-7

Any Waltham Forest School

Priority given to:

Special Educational Needs

Pupil Referral Unit

English as an Acquired Language

Pupil Premium

The whole course is free

Full attendance is compulsory


Bronze Art Award (for those aged 11 to 25)

FREE Breakfast


At Create, you will learn incredible new skills, over 15 fantastic days of half-term. Creative coding, songwriting, interaction design, performance -- all through music!  We will work together to create a fantastic collection of songs and videos, which will help you achieve the Bronze Art Award.

We have invited artists and professionals ranging from Music Production, to Engineering, to Creative Writing, to give you the best perspective on new media.

It will be a great opportunity to experiment, improvise, CREATE! You will get to develop your ideas and create a collection of pieces - an Album, by the end of the third week!

CM classroom

Create - Insights and Lessons


Robotic Percussion

In this session we put our robotic building skills to the test and build an orchestra of percussion playing machines!   After discussing percussion instruments and how they work we split the class into three groups. Each group is tasked with creating


Waves in light, sound and movement

In this session that is part of the Create project we study waves and waveforms and their relationship to light, sound and movement through a series of practical building tasks. Key learning outcomes: Waves in light sound and movement, digital systems (in


CPD – Sharing Ideas with teachers

Continuous Professional Development, or CPD, is training and workshops that keep professionals up to date with the latest developments and new ideas in their field. Schoolteachers can really benefit from CPD sessions. It ensures that educators stay in to


Writing and Creativity, a 1-minute word-movie

Being creative and writing creatively is something that most young people can do without realising. However, students can be put off by the “rules” of writing in the classroom. They may not feel like they can be creative or that they are able to write


How music skills will boost your career

Many separate studies have agreed that musical skills help children to better themselves in other subject areas. Take maths, for example: children who study music often find learning basic fundamental maths skills easier. Learning music also helps in oth


Why you should attend Create

Conductive Music is a company made up of very passionate people. We do dedicate ourselves to teaching and sharing, because we really believe in it. We would not commit so many in-kind hours to a very demanding project, if we did not think it to be the gam