Well, it’s almost Christmas, isn’t it? So, why don’t we transform the Microbit into a music player? ?Here’s how – re-open the code editor   We would like to programme two songs, Jingle Bells, and Hot Cross Buns Firstly, ... read more

That was quite something, wasn’t it? Our first proper coding experience – there will be many, don’t you worry! We would like to go back to scratch and make an interactive musical instrument. You will be able to choose your sounds, to rec... read more

How was that, easy? Challenging? Fun? Now things are getting serious, can we programme the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game? Let’s do it together. How is it activated? by a Shake What happens when you shake? Well, 3 things: Rock, Paper, Scis... read more

Ok, it is time for the first experiment of today. We have brought to you a fantastic new device, which is used in many primary and secondary schools, to teach coding. Here it is, just for you, today! We are going to learn how to make it speak to us, and t... read more

The math game below is very easy, but how high can we score? Let’s see how many questions you can get right, and how long it takes you. Please go for ‘Medium’ Weight is another force, which is very important, it allows us to understand w... read more

Ok, we have just learnt what Friction and Inertia do to materials, quite interesting! Below, a new challenge, this is about gravity, the force which attracts our body to the grounds (this is why we fall!!!). Use the right and left arrows to move, and SPAC... read more

Wow, that gave us a scare!! It’s very fast and very challenging, huh? Let’s see what else we can play, before we delve into the programming of today. This videogame talks about friction. Let’s play it a little, and then try to come up wi... read more

Each sound is generated by a vibration, some are simple, some complex. Thanks to the piezo, we are able to explore a variety of waves (Sine, Triangular, Square, Pulse). Why don’t you try and listen to these waves by using: Randomizer > Wave > ... read more

probably reprogramme with letters, so we can interact with a musical software, perhaps Audiosauna so we can have a composition exercise, say normal drum beat Randomizer > Wave > Voltage Output  

Using the same ingredients which we have learnt from before, would you be able to make your own song? Here’s the task: Circuit Touch > Sequence > Buzzer Try to make 5 different sequences, which are triggered by the 5 parts of the Quirkbot. &nb... read more