Yes, hacking the headphones was a good solution, but a little quiet, isn’t it? Let’s build a speaker. There are no instructions for this part of the workshop, you will have to work with other students, to work out the best solution. All we can... read more

In coding, compiling is the action which translates the code readable by humans, into that suitable for machines (computers, phones, the micro:bit, etc.). Once you click on ‘Compile’ the browser will create a .hex file (probably in your downlo... read more

As you may have noticed, we also have 0, 1, 2, 3v and GND. 0 and GND are for our speaker (coming up shortly), 3v is for extra power, but 1 and 2? Let’s use them. Search for the block below, in ‘Input’ Let’s assign a G to P1 and an ... read more

Now, to check if everything is working: Click on: RUN Try pressing button A with your mouse, on the screen We have prepared our first note. If you right click on the block you will be able to select Duplicate. Do it twice and change the options so that: B... read more

Welcome to STEAM-powered Music! Here at Conductive Music, we have designed this workshop to show you the very many options that technology offers, in aid of music. We will transform our little friend, the micro:bit, into a musical instrument. And this is... read more

Well, it’s almost Christmas, isn’t it? So, why don’t we transform the Microbit into a music player? ?Here’s how – re-open the code editor   We would like to programme two songs, Jingle Bells, and Hot Cross Buns Firstly, ... read more

That was quite something, wasn’t it? Our first proper coding experience – there will be many, don’t you worry! We would like to go back to scratch and make an interactive musical instrument. You will be able to choose your sounds, to rec... read more

How was that, easy? Challenging? Fun? Now things are getting serious, can we programme the ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ game? Let’s do it together. How is it activated? by a Shake What happens when you shake? Well, 3 things: Rock, Paper, Scis... read more

Ok, it is time for the first experiment of today. We have brought to you a fantastic new device, which is used in many primary and secondary schools, to teach coding. Here it is, just for you, today! We are going to learn how to make it speak to us, and t... read more

The math game below is very easy, but how high can we score? Let’s see how many questions you can get right, and how long it takes you. Please go for ‘Medium’ Weight is another force, which is very important, it allows us to understand w... read more