Motor On the Quirkbot page, create a new code with the name Servo Find the Servo and the backpack shield from your kit and connect them to your bot. In the code, add a Servo Motor object to the workspace and change the PLACE to Servo Motor 1. Add a Wave ... read more

Sensing Light Find a Light Sensor in your kit and connect it to the bot on the limb you choose (long leg to the front, short leg to the back). In your code, add a Light Sensor object to the workspace and change the PLACE to match the limb you chose in the... read more

Changing light colour Now find a dual color LED in your set and have a look at it. Connect it to the horn of the bot so that the longer leg is at the front and the shorter at the back. In your code, add a Dual Color LED to the workspace. Change the place ... read more

Playing with light     Find the bot and the USB cable from your kit. Connect the bot to the computer. On the Quirkbot site, create a new code and change its name to LightExperiments Add a LED to the workspace and change the PLACE to Left Eye. W... read more

Sound Waves To begin with, play around with the following sound wave app: Can you discover the relation between the sound you make and the waveform you are seeing?   Find 2 alligator clips, a set of headphones and two jumper wires. Connect them toge... read more