Good morning everybody, and welcome back to the third session of this project. Today we will explore a new device, called the BBC micro:bit. It is a fantastic platform to make coding, music, LEDs, and videogames!!! We will build on what we have learnt las... read more

Each sound is generated by a vibration, some are simple, some complex. Thanks to the piezo, we are able to explore a variety of waves (Sine, Triangular, Square, Pulse). Why don’t you try and listen to these waves by using: Randomizer > Wave > ... read more

probably reprogramme with letters, so we can interact with a musical software, perhaps Audiosauna so we can have a composition exercise, say normal drum beat Randomizer > Wave > Voltage Output  

Using the same ingredients which we have learnt from before, would you be able to make your own song? Here’s the task: Circuit Touch > Sequence > Buzzer Try to make 5 different sequences, which are triggered by the 5 parts of the Quirkbot. &nb... read more

In order to to this, we need to use another block of code, called Sequence. But let’s learn the song first ;)!     The Circuit Touch decides which trigger will start Hot Cross Buns, and which trigger starts One-a-pen-ny Two-a-pen-ny. The s... read more

We hope you enjoyed the last session – your Quirkbot has missed you! If you remember, last time we looked at using the Quirkbot as a controller to play some maths games. Then, we started to look at using the Quirkbot as an instrument. We’ll in... read more

Just before we say goodbye, could you please click on this link and answer some questions? Feel free to come back to this page, to check on the exercises, and refresh what we have learnt today.

Congratulations for today, you’ve reached the end of an awesome first day. We hope you enjoyed it! Shall we practice a quick song with the piano above? Here are the lyrics:  Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb i... read more

So far, you have used the MakeyMakey with a code that we gave you. Can you make your own version? You will need: Left, Right, Up     You played Mario, and you made your own code for the Maze Runner. So far, we have used the Left, Right and U... read more