In this session we put our robotic building skills to the test and build an orchestra of percussion playing machines!   After discussing percussion instruments and how they work we split the class into three groups. Each group is tasked with creating... read more

In this session that is part of the Create project we study waves and waveforms and their relationship to light, sound and movement through a series of practical building tasks. Key learning outcomes: Waves in light sound and movement, digital systems (in... read more

When writing your blog about the activity we completed today please try and answer the following questions: What kind of percussion techniques did you use (hitting, shaking, scraping, rubbing)? What was the input to the quirkbot (what was making it move)?... read more

Hello everyone! We’re happy to bring you our next workshop. Today we will be doing some experiments with light, waves, sound and motors. Start by opening the quirkbot box and get familiar with the parts Go to and login using your u... read more

Motor On the Quirkbot page, create a new code with the name Servo Find the Servo and the backpack shield from your kit and connect them to your bot. In the code, add a Servo Motor object to the workspace and change the PLACE to Servo Motor 1. Add a Wave ... read more