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Dr. Enrico Bertelli and Emily Robertson form Conductive Music. CM sits at an intersection between multi-media performance artists and open-source communities. As both artists and researchers, we want to help young people from challenging backgrounds develop musical, technical, and performance skills by introducing them to new music and new media. We incorporate open-source technology to enable delivery of high-quality, cutting-edge projects (Makey Makey for instruments from recycled materials; Flora/Trinket for wearable sensors on augmented clothing).

Students acquire key employability skills for creative industries and STEM subjects including programming (in collaboration with London Music Hackspace), soldering, instrumental performance and sound design. Furthermore, CM provides young people with a positive environment in which to practice personal development skills like teamwork, self assessment and peer feedback.

Our teaching methods utilise accelerated learning, Bloom's Taxonomy and formative assessment, in line with National Curriculum guidelines. We aim to establish transferrable blueprints for new music education, going beyond traditional curricula and incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach that connects science and engineering with music.

The board of Directors

meet the team

Dr Radoslaw Rudnicki

Tech: sound design, composition, performance, programming

Composer sound artist and performer interested in using improvised material in multidisciplinary projects. Worked as a sound designer and music composer with RAF, Dhyaan Design, Lomography Poland and Hedonskate. He made pieces for theatre, film and game s