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Welcome to Conductive Music

Dr. Enrico Bertelli and Emily Robertson form Conductive Music. CM sits at an intersection between multi-media performance artists and open-source communities. As both artists and researchers, we want to help young people from challenging backgrounds develop musical, technical, and performance skills by introducing them to new music and new media. We incorporate open-source technology to enable delivery of high-quality, cutting-edge projects (Makey Makey for instruments from recycled materials; Flora/Trinket for wearable sensors on augmented clothing).

Students acquire key employability skills for creative industries and STEM subjects including programming (in collaboration with London Music Hackspace), soldering, instrumental performance and sound design. Furthermore, CM provides young people with a positive environment in which to practice personal development skills like teamwork, self assessment and peer feedback.

Our teaching methods utilise accelerated learning, Bloom's Taxonomy and formative assessment, in line with National Curriculum guidelines. We aim to establish transferrable blueprints for new music education, going beyond traditional curricula and incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach that connects science and engineering with music.

The board of Directors

Dr Enrico Bertelli

Performance, Technology, Whole-class Teaching

Enrico is a performance-based researcher with 9+ years experience teaching, performing, workshop leading.

Dr. Emily Robertson

Public Outreach, Project Managment, Fundraising, Music Composition

Emily guides Conductive Music as an experienced project manager and music workshop leader for young people

Dr Andrew McPherson

Engineer, composer and instrument designer who teaches at Queen Mary University of London.

Andrew McPherson is an electronic engineer, composer and instrument designer. He is a Reader (Associate Pr

meet the team

Naomi Scarlett

Vocals, Songwriting, Community-based Choirs and .

Naomi Scarlett is a London-based freelance vocalist, songwriter and choral leader, working primarily as a backing and session vocalist. She has performed at world-reknowned festivals and events including; Glastonbury, Bestival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, S

Alessia Milo

The Aural Design of Spaces, Architecture, Parametric Design.

Alessia is a researcher and architect combining her experience in parametric design with her interest in acoustic education. Her work questions the intentionality in the aural design of spaces, and the weight of architecture, urban design, nature, in

James Telford

Composition, Electroacoustic Music, Experimental Electronic Music and EDM.

James Telford is a London-based composer, PhD researcher and electronic musician. His music draws influence from the worlds of Noise, Electroacoustic Music and Experimental Electronica. James is particularly interested in how the relationship between reco

Emma Williams

Composition, Technology, Music with young offenders

Emma is a freelance music leader and performs as a vocalist and keyboard player. As a workshop leader, Emma has specialised in working with difficult to engage groups often in challenging settings including pupil referral units, young offenders institutes

Fanny Martin

Creative producer, Fundraiser

Fanny Martin is a creative producer and arts manager specialised in events management, strategic planning, fundraising and communications for festivals, lifelong learning and community engagement. She holds a MSc in Business Management from Bordeaux Busin

Cherif Hashizume

Music technology, Programming, Music production

Born in Kobe, Japan, Cherif Hashizume moved to UK at the age of 18. During his college years he met Café Music director Mark Sutherland and very quickly became a key part of the studio as the head engineer and producer. As a producer/engineer, Cherif has

Sebastian Ruiz

Researcher in Residence

Sebastian Ruiz is a PhD student at the Media and Arts Technology programme of Queen Mary University of London. He has 5+ years experience in research projects in the field of Sound Processing, such as animal bioacoustics, psychoacoustics and technologies

Robert Jack

Instrument design, electronics, programming, composition, sound design, tangible computing

Robert Jack is a musician, instrument designer and researcher. Currently a doctoral candidate at Queen Mary University of London’s Augmented Instruments Lab, his research focuses on tangible experiences of music and on the creation of new musical in

Neal Cahoon

Experimental writing, sound recording, storyboarding, and script editing.

Neal is a freelance writer interested in the relationship between sound and the written word. He has worked on 24-hour playwriting projects in Belfast, community and school theatre projects in Berlin, and has previously undertaken two longer writing proje

Dr Jack White

TECH: Composition, Electroacoustic Composition, Mixed Media Pieces, Production

Jack White is a composer, living and working in Wales, who describes his work as emotional and accessible. Since Digital Dust was premiered by BBC Symphony Orchestra in 2012, the sound-world of his music has continued to cross-over with his interest in e