Session 4

Ok, it is time for the second experiment of today.

First of all, let’s see if we can say ‘Hello!’, and perhaps add your name? Here are the steps:

1 – Launch the Microsoft Block Editor

2 – Can you put these two objects together? It’s very similar to scratch

3 – Click on ‘Compile’ – this will download a .hex file to the computer, we should copy it onto the Microbit

4 – Find the new file, drag and drop it on the Microbit

5 – Wait for the Microbit to reboot

6 – Give it a shake (mind you, the cable is quite short ;)!) Did it say something?


It’s fun, isn’t it? Here are two more challenges:

A – Change the ‘Hello!’ into something else (remember to compile, upload, let it reboot and shake).

B – This one is a little more challenging. There are 2 buttons on the Microbit, A, B and A+B. Could you build a code so that the Microbit sends different messages when:

  1. Shaken
  2. Button A is pressed
  3. Button B is pressed
  4. Buttons A+B are pressed together

Here is a hint: You can find the Input in ‘Input’ and the Show String in ‘Basic’

Once you are finished, could you please save the code as The String Speaker. Thanks!


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Enrico Bertelli